Thursday, May 3, 2012

Let My Body Decide

Apparently my body is just going to make this Race decision on its own.  I'm getting sick.  The GF is also sick and so her body is making her Race decision also.  I still have 2 days to see if I can stifle this cold a bit, so we'll see what happens and how I feel over the next couple days.  Besides, my mom is finally gonna get the chance to see me run and I'd much rather her see me go the distance.  Only time will tell.

The BFJ is shaving her head on Saturday for St. Baldrick's Day!  It's a great organization that raises money to help cure childhood cancer.  I did this way back when, and BFJ does it every year or two to help with the fundraising efforts!  You should check out the just might wanna shave your head too!

The BFT needs a job...we seriously can't have her sticking around in a town, working for a team that just might be the only team in her conference!  This is no good, so everybody help us find her a job...and quickly!  She's proficient in anything that pays!!  She's lovable, funny, smart, straight forward, and pretty bad ass!  We miss you BFT...come home!

The summer semester is 2 weeks away and I've got so much to do to prepare!  I'm in that excited/nervous stage again.  It's somewhat similar to the feeling I get when I'm waking up the morning of a I'm gonna throw up all over everything and that I'm not gonna finish.  Ok, so maybe it's not that bad for teaching, but more of a "will I even teach them anything" or "will they catch on that I don't know what I'm talking about".  Only time will tell.

What makes you excited/nervous (wedding day, childbirth, races, etc.)? Races always make me queasy, and now teaching.  I have yet to experience wedding or birth.


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