Saturday, May 26, 2012

Motivation on the Run

The last thing I wanted to do this morning was go for a run, but now that I'm back home I'm so glad I ventured out.  The GF's alarm went off early so she could go for her run, but I needed some extra sleep, so I stayed in bed.  I decided to try and eat a bowl of cereal pre-run to see if that'd help in the cramps department.  It did!  Anyway, I stalled a bit getting out the door, even the GF noticed I was taking my sweet time (she was already back by now)!

As I headed out, I was still unsure if I was gonna run outside or head over to the gym and just run on the treadmill...but as I was getting close to the first exit I decided outside was the way to go today...there was a nice breeze outside and I needed to get my legs some pavement work!  I parked, threw on my water belt, and I was off...still unsure of how far I wanted to go.

There were so many people out on the bike path today.  Most everyone was pretty nice, smiling as I passed by.  I wasn't trying to blaze the trails, but I wasn't thinking about walking either...yet!  The first two miles felt great and I decided I would turn around a 2.5 and do 5 total miles.  I hit the turnaround point and still felt pretty good, but I definitely started slowing down.  At one point this guy passed me going the same direction and we smiled and waved to eachother.  I watched him pull further and further away from me!  At 3.5 miles I wanted to stop, but I called myself a jackass and told myself to pull it together and press on!

And press on I did!  With about half a mile to go I saw that guy from before coming back towards we passed he gave me a big thumbs up and said, "Great job!  You're doing awesome!"  It was just the pick me up I needed to finish the last half strong!  That's really nice to hear from your fellow runners...little does he know that I needed something like that right at that moment!  So, thank you guy on trail!  I finished my 5 miles, coughed up a lung, and headed home!  Now I have the whole day ahead of me to dread tomorrow's longer run!

P.S. I love my shoes! I'll report about those later...they're not new or anything, just comfy!  And I'm buying myself a new pair for my birthday!

I hope you were able to get out the door today!


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