Friday, May 4, 2012

Be Safe: Douche Bags are Lurking Everywhere!

Had a nice run with one of these guys the other day!  Roadrunners are lucky, so I felt pretty good when he started running next to me.  Then I got sick, so maybe something else lucky is about to happen!

The GF had an unlucky experience the other day while on her run.  Some douche bags swerved off the road towards her, the passenger stuck his body halfway out the window and screamed at her, "Get out of the f**king road b*tch!"  That's rude, horrible, scary, unthinkable, and mean.  I feel so bad that I wasn't there with her and I'm really sorry she had to go through this pretty scary event.  Luckily there were other cars out on the roads, so the truck never came back, but it's still horrible.  At least she's safe!

There's a frog in my throat.  It's worse when I'm sleeping because it's like I can't swallow, then when I'm awake I wanna cough and it's itchy and scratchy.  Pain in my ass throat is what it is!  If I can just get past the itchy throat, then my race this weekend should be fine.

Run for the Zoo is Sunday morning and I'm deciding RIGHT THIS MINUTE that I'm running the half marathon!!  How's that for making decisions!  So there you have switching races tomorrow.  Here are my goals:

1. Pay attention to my body...if it starts to hurt - walk, if I start to cough - walk, if I'm running out of energy - walk and GU.  Drink water at every aid station (maybe take water belt)

2. Try to run until I can't anymore...this just means to get in the much needed long run of about 8 to 10 miles, but don't try to push it if I'm not feeling it.

3. Don't pay attention to time/ much as I say this, I know I'm gonna be very conscious of my pace and time.  So, I'm just gonna keep telling myself this as I make time goals in #4.

4. Hit 10K mark in 1:04:00 AND finish below 2:36:00.  I'm not gonna be upset if I don't hit those goals dependent upon how I'm feeling throughout the race, but it's okay to have goals!

5. Stay positive...I find near mile 9 that I always ask myself, "why'd you get yourself into this?", so this time I'm gonna smile and remember it's a training run for my ultimate PR on June 3rd!

I think those will suffice!

Have a great weekend!  Good luck if you're racing or training!  And be safe!



  1. Oh my gosh, what jerks! I can't believe they did that! I hope they got a flat tire after that.

  2. Ack! That's horrible. I'm glad she's OK, and I wish there was some way to deal with jerks like that... :(