Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A View Of My Inner Self

Here's what you missed:

I spent Friday and Saturday with these two amazing kiddos!

We went to the zoo and saw a peacock up and close,

And a Happy Camel (notice what's shaved into the side of his belly)!

We got our butts kicked by my 6 year old niece playing Wii bowling, but everytime my nephew (2 years old) would see my brother's Mii character on the screen, he'd point and say, "Daddy! Daddy!"  It was pretty friggin cute...but what was the most amazing thing ever was he called me Auntie Chicken for the first time!  I almost cried!  I sure do love those kids!

Sunday, the GF and I did some much needed housework, mainly by applying pressure to the couch cushions!

Monday and Tuesday (along with half of Friday) were crazy crazy busy busy days at work.  I say it all twice for further emphasis on how crazy and busy it really was.  Let's just say that everything I have been planning to get done the last two days has not gotten done, because I've had to do so much other crap!

Monday morning I had a really dumb run...I shouldn't even count it as a run, because I'm pretty sure the dog ran on the treadmill longer than I did.  But yesterday's run was beautiful.  Another great weather jaunt around the office neighborhood!  My inner voices have been struggling lately.

Sunday's conversation in my head...
Inner Self: Why am I signed up for a half marathon next Sunday?  I have run 3 times since the half last weekend, and I don't think it's very smart.
Other Inner Self:  Switch to the 10K then.
Inner Self: Ok

Monday's conversation in my head...
Other Inner Self:  Are you gonna switch to the 10K?
Inner Self:  I like bleu cheese...what did you say?
Other Inner Self:  Your run was really crappy this morning, maybe the half is a bit more than we should strive for this next weekend.
Inner Self: Sprinkled over a salad would be yummy!

Tuesday's conversation in my head...
Inner Self: What a great run...I can't wait for this half marathon.
Other Inner Self: So you're not gonna switch?
Inner Self: What's for lunch?

Today's conversation in my head...
Inner Self: Maybe don't focus on time or racing, but get in a long run.  Besides, you might feel better than you did two weeks ago AND you might see the GF running her race!
Other Inner Self: Great idea, but you still have until Saturday to decide which race to run!

As you can see, I'm always hungry, and I'm still not sure which race I'm doing on Sunday.  I know I can run 6 miles, so should I run the 10K to race, or should I run the half to train and get in a long run of 8 to 10 miles then do a walk/run thing for the rest?  Oh, decisions decisions!

Well, it's back to the grind.  Lunch first though...the office is going out to lunch for a belated Administrative Professionals Day Celebration!

Is your inner self trying to persuade you to do anything?


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