Friday, May 4, 2012

A Few More Friday Tidbits

Friday afternoon at better believe I'm eating Shot Bloks at my desk for some energy (not sure if they really work yet, so I'm hoping to find out)!

Bobby Abreau signed with the Dodgers today, which means one of our faves, Justin Sellers, got sent back down to the Topes.  It'll be nice to see him, but I really wish things would've worked out for him in LA.

My run today was uneventful, but it showed that I might be able to battle through the cold for a few days until after the race.  Although I'm really congested right now, hopefully it'll clear out for race morning (or at least for a few hours).

Now school starts in 2 weeks...I've begun the preparation (notes, charts, syllabi, powerpoints, exercises, etc., etc., etc.), but I feel like I need more time!  Next week should be great though because the Topes are gone and I can focus on classwork!

Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo!  Since I'm not drinking beer, my beverage of choice is a margarita!  Sounds so yummy, I just might celebrate Cuatro De Mayo as well, and we can't leave out Seis De Mayo!

Celebrate safely!


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