Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Connor = Lover of Hounds

So, I was informed that yesterday I did not write about our run. We call it the "run back". This is where we get a ride to the gym and run back to the office. It's a 4 mile run if you come straight back. One of these days I'm gonna have to go on detours to add mileage to the run, but yesterday we did the 4 miles. The weather was perfect and it's actually a really nice run. Mostly downhill except for the first half mile is pretty steep uphill. Anyway, it's a real good workout.

Today we did some speed work and lifted weights (arms), which in the aftermath was not a bright idea because I got to watch my nephew for an hour today and holding him for a few minutes really made my arms start shaking. He's the most adorable little boy EVER. And I'm not biased! He really is the cutest thing in the world. He should be in movies! He was coo-ing and haw-ing and smiling showing off the most precious dimple in his left lower cheek! Then you see his big blue eyes staring you down just begging for you to kiss him...and of course you lean down and he slobbers all over you and you wanna squeeze him and bite his cute little fingers and toes. But you don't cause he's just a little baby, so you wipe your face and go in for more!!

Happy Cinco De Mayo today. Just another great excuse to drink beer and celebrate like on St. Patrick's Day! Except instead of skirts and bagpipes, it's sombrero's and geetars! But either way, it's beer and excitement. Tonight though, I'll be celebrating finishing my first final exam! After all the study help I've gotten from the GF today, I'm gonna ace the test! Thanks babe! I hope everyone has a reason to celebrate tonight...if not, just use the Cinco De Mayo excuse!


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