Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Graduation Days...

Good afternoon! It's been a long day already and it's far from over. Last night I plowed my way through my last paper and this morning I turned both of them in. So, as of now, I've got a final tomorrow night and a final next Tuesday night....AND THAT'S IT!!! Let's not get all crazy here, I'll still have to go to work the next Monday morning, I'll still have to clean up after my dogs, and I'll still have to study for the CPA Exam. All I'm getting at is that I'll be doing all that with my Masters degree! Woohoo! About 5 years ago, this was not even an option. I was actually thinking about going to law school. I had already signed up for the LSAT and had been studying for a while. The day before the test, I decided there's no way I wanted to be a lawyer. So, I scrapped that idea...threw it right out the window.

I decided since I'm really good with numbers I'd look at business schools and found that Anderson had an actual accounting program. Now that was something I could wrap my head around. Unfortunately, I had to take the GMAT. I bought some books and never really dedicated myself to studying much, until the last month. I took the test and got exactly one point higher than I needed to apply to the program. I also had to take two prerequisite courses before I even knew if I'd been accepted into the program. Obviously I was accepted cause I'm rounding out the program now, but it's been a long 2 years. I don't understand why some of my classmates don't wanna go to graduation because I feel that I've put in so much time and effort over the last 2 years that these ceremonies are honoring my commitment to the program. They are honoring ME! All that hard work (and a bit of slacking too)has paid off and now they are throwing me a big celebration...2 celebrations actually...and I'm throwing myself one too!

I bet you all can't wait until I graduate so I'll quit talking about it! So sorry for you, but just hold on for 2 more weeks!! Love you all!


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