Thursday, May 20, 2010


One of the good things about parties is also one of the worst things about parties: leftovers! I'm always excited to have leftover booze and the snack foods, but when you're trying to stay in shape those things can be deadly. They sit in your fridge just calling out your name everytime you open it up. They taste much better than the water or vegetables you've been eating. Well, since my party, we've had leftover cake (which is so so yummy and fluffy and sugary), we've had leftover queso dip (which is so cheesy and meaty), we've had leftover cheese and chips, leftover wine and beer, and leftover fat and calories! It's really been a great week!

So, for graduation, my niece made me a picture frame with a collage of family pictures she picked out herself. She cut them all up into small pictures and put them together in a frame just for me. She chose pictures of me and the GF, of her mom and dad, of her and her brother, of other friends and family, and of the animals. It really is the most creative gift you could get from a (almost) 5 year old kid. Another cute thing about her is that on Tuesday night at my softball game she reaches through the chainlink fence and says, "Chicken, try real hard, ok? Just try real hard." How cute is that?

Tonight's a beautiful night, so enjoy yourselves!


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