Monday, May 10, 2010

Knee, Feet, and Hip Pain

My body is pretty pissed off at me! Yesterday we went on a 6 mile run and after 2 miles, I was praying for something bad to happen just so I could stop! Like, I didn't really wanna get hurt, but I was thinking of tripping and getting scraped up so bad that I had to walk straight back to the car to get washed and cleaned up. I'm pretty sure the GF would've been excited to see me fall because of course she would've had to stop too, just to make sure I was okay. She'd wanna help me back to the car for sure. Then we could resume our run on another day. Not today though cause I was just so tired from yesterday!

I'm so burnt out too! I'm talking burnt out like I don't wanna study for my last test, I don't wanna do anything at work, I don't wanna make any decisions about anything, I don't wanna get out of bed, I don't even wanna decide what I might want for my graduation/birthday presents. Can you believe that last one? I must be real tired if I don't wanna think about presents!! I just want Wednesday morning to come and tell me, "You're all done!" Put your books away, sit down, relax, do nothing! I'd much rather be doing that right now, but I know I have to disperse just a teenie bit more effort until Wednesday.

In case you were trying to keep track, today is Day 82 of my journey! Only 46 more training days until the big DAY! Race Day! I'm thinking I need to stop getting poopie like I am today and start moving! I'll need to alter my training schedule a bit now that we're getting closer to R-Day! If we pull this off successfully, and by successfully I mean the GF finishing the race with no real qualms or regrets, we might just continue our training and just keep on running! Once you get that 'high' from running a 10K, you get a bit addicted! Imagine the feeling when you cross the finish line after 13.1 miles! It's unbelievable and I can't wait for her to experience it! Well, you actually wanna throw up at first, then punch the person that made you sign up, and maybe cry because your knees and feet hurt so bad, but about an hour later you wanna cry because you actually did it! You'll be proud. She'll be proud!

Find your inner strength today and just get it done!


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