Friday, May 7, 2010

Wonderful Weekend Weather

Good afternoon everyone! Today is a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The weather is amazing and I really wish I were sitting on a patio somewhere drinking lots of beers! But I'm here at work just gazing out the window not getting a darn thing done. I might as well be out drinking beers. I would even just drink a beer here at the office. But I can't. But it IS Friday, so regardless of when I get out of here, I don't have to come back until Monday, which is the day before my last final!

So, I got a big weekend ahead of me...of studying! And hopefully some sleeping. And some tv watching, and baseball game going, and some working out/running, and even some drinking. So, it IS gonna be a big weekend. I'll be studying for my last final next week. I'm a bit rusty from what's been going on in that class cause we haven't really talked about it for 3 weeks now. And with those stupid papers we had to write last week, I'm clearly gonna need some focus this weekend and really study hard.

I'm starting to make my booklist. This is the list that will include all the books I want to read once my last final has been taken. I like mystery, thriller, Harry Potter, and anything that'll hold my attention for the first few chapters. So, if you have any suggestions let me know. And please, nothing that uses really big words cause I want to enjoy myself and actually understand what I'm reading!!

Bless my brother's heart. He really is a changed man. He just recently posted something that said these kids at my niece's school were calling her "stupid"! He had enough sense to sit her down and make her realize how smart she is and to only play with the kids who think she's smart. What a good dad! I would've put her in the car, driven her to school, asked her which kids said that to her, and punched them all in their little 4 year old faces! Maybe this is why I only have supervised visits with my niece! Kids are cruel and are probably jealous of the smartest little girl in the world, but don't cross her Auntie, cause I'll take your lunch and make you pee in your pants!

Be nice to people this weekend!


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