Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Miss You Much

Hello! Did you miss me? Sorry I've been a non-poster, but I'm back today. It was a pretty relaxing weekend, and so the computer was never turned on. Friday I was busy and yesterday I had no motivation, so sorry you had to go through a 4-day drought, but I'm here for you today. Saturday afternoon the GF and I ran 7 miles at the gym and have just now been able to use our legs again. We're starting to wonder if 13.1 miles is such a good idea after all. All I know is that after it's over, I'm gonna wanna sit and do nothing for a long long time!

I had sushi for lunch today! It was awesome, tasty, yummy, delicious, and definitely hit the spot. I'm gonna have more on Thursday night too, because I love it so much. Do you remember the first time you ever ate sushi? Was it just recently you realized you've been missing out on the greatest stuff ever? Or had you learned at an early age that sushi is the way to go? My niece, my almost 5 year old niece loves sushi! Isn't that great!! 5 years old and she could eat an entire plate full of salmon and yellow tail! Not cooked, but sliced to perfection, arranged so delicately on the odd shaped plate, and garnished with the best bitter tasting ginger in the world. It really is the greatest meal ever. Although the GF makes me amazing meals all the time, I'm not sure if she'll ever master the art of raw fish!!

This week is hydration week (I just made that up), but I want you to drink lots of water this week. Try to take a water bottle with you everywhere and keep it full. If it's there, you'll drink it. If it's empty, you won't get up to fill it. So keep it with you and keep it full! Try to hit your 8 cups a day. Start by drinking a glass of water as soon as you finish reading this! I never seem to hit my 8 cups, but I try to keep drinking. You'll feel better, I promise. Although you may have to take extra trips to the bathroom!



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