Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Final Final!

Today's the day! My final final! At 10pm tonight, I will be done with my Master's program! That's it! No more! Now, I've still got about 4 to 5 hours left of studying to do in a bit, but then that's it! I'm not sure if I mentioned it on here, but I remember saying that this test was only over 4 chapters and is supposed to be the easiest of the 3 tests. Well, I'm sure it's definitely gonna be easier than the last test, but it's not gonna be easy by any means. There's so much information jammed into these 4 chapters, but I'm hoping I can get just enough points to pull an A in the class. If I end up getting a B, I'm okay with that too!

Well, I've gotten rid of the poopiness from Sunday's running adventure. Today I ran 4 miles and I felt great! I probably could of kept going for another 2 or so miles, but I needed to shower and get back to work at a decent hour! But it felt good, it cleared my mind for the upcoming test, and it reinstated some faith that I can still do this! I had a somewhat strange experience in the locker room after my shower. Some chick was putting on her bikini to go to the pool and felt it unnecessary to put her top on for about 10 minutes while she stood next to me rubbing her whole body with suntan lotion. I was a bit uncomfortable...don't get me wrong, I like boobs just as much as the next guy, but this was a bit out of control!

So, I've been eating a lot of fiber lately. Like, Fiber One cereal pretty much daily. Do you know what fiber does to you, to your body? I don't know the technical terms for what it exactly does inside the system, but the ultimate product is...it makes you fart! That's right, have really bad gas! I feel bad for the GF because I just can't hold it in! It starts to hurt in my chest and if I don't let it out I feel like I'm having a heart attack. I've woken up my roommate before because I didn't know what was happening and it turned out to be gas pains. So I say, "Let it out!" Don't be scared, just let it out! If it smells, blame it on the dog or your coworker. Go into the bathroom and spray it away!

Have a Gas-ey Day!


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