Monday, May 3, 2010

Achieving Goals

Good afternoon folks! What an amazing weekend! First off, I had another softball tourney, which is also probably my last until late July. But I hit like a maniac. I probably went 8 for 11 with about 7 RBI's. I was on fire and it felt so good. I need to come up with a system of actually keeping my personal stats so I know how I'm doing! It was a nice day for the most part and my GF brought the pups to see me play my last game. They were quite excited, not to see me, but to see all the softballs flying through the air! Silly pups. Saturday night, one of our friends came over and we had a sleepover! She also came to watch us Run for the Zoo the next morning and take pictures for us. First off, let me say that it wasn't my first 10K and it probably won't be my last. I had a pretty good time so I'm happy. I beat the goal I had in mind, so that's all that matters.

Second, (and this requires a new paragraph) the GF ran her first 10K in her first race EVER! She totally kicked some major butt and she also beat the goal she had in mind! In fact, she shattered the goal she had in mind. She never stopped running once, except to puke on some silly Republicans' shoes, and she kept such a good pace that she finished in exceptionally good time. After the race was over and we got home, we shared in some hugs and tears because I was just so proud of her. In just 2 months she has gone from only being able to run for 5 minutes at a time, to running a 10K in an hour and 15 minutes! In mileage terms, that's about a slow quarter of a mile to 6.2 miles in 2 months! I couldn't be happier for her! Love you babe!

To finish out the weekend, we napped after the race for a few hours, watched some tv, I studied for a couple hours, and then we watched some more tv. As we were going to bed, we heard all these police and fire truck sirens around the neighborhood, so I eventually looked off the back balcony, just to find out that a house about 5 blocks away is up in flames! We could see the fire from our balcony! Just like 50 other people in the neighboorhood, we jumped in our car to get a closer look, but the cops had everything blocked off. I'm sad for the people who lost their house.

I hope you all had an eventful weekend as well.


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