Monday, May 17, 2010


I know you've all been waiting to hear all about! Graduation has come and gone and I'm not sure I feel much smarter or wiser yet, but I do feel relief and relaxation! I did not blog on Friday because work was so busy and we left early to make the Anderson Graduate dinner at Sandiago's restaurant. It is a mexican restaurant at the bottom of the Tram. Never been there before and it was pretty delicious. It was all free, besides the alcohol of course, but we had great selections and great company, so the night was great. Good views from so far up high. We could see our house...just a tiny little dot on the complete opposite side of town!

Saturday started early with us getting to Tingley Coliseum at 7:45 in the morning. It was your basic "hurry up and wait" scenario where you arrive really early and then wait until 9am to even walk into the main arena! Which was great because you have all these people cheering for you and they're there just to see YOU! Or ME actually! I got these 2 beautiful lei's to wear with my cap and gown and they smelled so good! I knew it was gonna be a good day! At one point, my GF, my brother, my mother, and my friend Jameson all made tears come to my eyes. It was going to be an emotional day.

After the ceremony, we jetted out of the parking lot so fast that we made 2 different stops before arriving home and my mom was still waiting to get out of the parking lot! There were so many people there I'm sure it seemed that she spent more time in the parking lot than at the actual ceremony!

Moving on to my party....we had wine, cheese, beer, snack foods, and cake! Was successful until I found myself telling everyone it was time to leave, just to find ourselves stuck behind the slowest truck in the world causing us to lose a bit of time. Funniest part of that trip was when the GF lost my tassle and took off in a full sprint (in her pretty dress) to track it down before anybody else. She found it and probably got a 40 time of 4.0! Second graduation was successful although the keynote speaker thought he was talking to kids who actually give a damn. We didn't, which is why I can't tell you his name or exactly what he was talking about! Afterwards we partied her and there and surprisingly got to bed at a decent hour. Sunday was spent relaxing and barely lifting a finger. All in all, a great weekend.

I'd like to take this space to thank my mother, Elaine, my brother, sister, niece, nephew, Jameson, and my beautiful GF for sticking it through the ENTIRE DAY with me. It really meant a lot to have you there on my special day. I know it was tiring being dragged all over town all day, but it really meant a lot to me. Thank you. I'd also like to than the few others that came to my first or second was nice to see hear the extra voices when they called my name!

I'm almost half way through my first non-required book and it feels great! Thanks again to everyone for sharing in my special day! You guys rock!


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