Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I've always got to match, mostly with my clothing, but I find I do it in other places too. Sometimes I'll get a bit crazy and not match anything (like workout clothes), but most days, I'm usually matching. I've got shoes that go with black, brown, blue, red, white, etc. I've got flip flops that go with black, brown, and blue. I've got watches and belts that will go with brown, black, and white. I've also got hats and jackets that go with all the colors of the rainbow (except purple of course)! Then I pretty much get to wear any shirt I want and I'll totally match. Most people already know this about me. I'm not as bad as some people though...not that I think it's bad to match, but there are some extremes.

Anywho, like I mentioned earlier, it seeps into other things I do. For instance, we are decorating our new house and the rugs have to match the wall colors, and the wall decor has to match the bedroom set, and the bookshelves have to match the black in the rug, and the curtains have to match the accents in the pillow, and so on and so forth. Now, a bit of this comes from my GF, because I gave her 'almost' full reign over the decorating, but ultimately I still care if it all matches! It's got to look good for when people see it.

I also match for school. If my textbook is slightly green, then I'll get a green notebook, a green folder, and I'll make green labels for them. When I play baseball, I make sure my socks match my belt which match my undershirt and hat. Now I have catchers equipment that matches pretty much all my uniforms. So, as you can see, I love to match. What does that say about someone? That they take the time to look good? That they are very anal (see Dec. 15 blog post)? Or that they have a great sense of fashion? I'll go with all 3!!

So, next time you pull out the new red shirt to wear, grab your red shoes, your red hat, your red jacket, and you may just look like me!!


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