Thursday, January 28, 2010

...reading blogs!

How many of you are out there? How many of you really read my blog everyday? I automatically send it to about 5 of you when I hit "publish" so I'm literally making you read it, but how many of you would still go to it everyday if I didn't send it to you? Is there someone else who follows the innards of my mind everyday?

To those who are my faithful readers...I love you! Thanks for making me worthy of a few minutes of each of your days! I write these for you, so I'm glad you come along for the ride everyday, as weird as it may be some days, you're here and I thank you for it! Wouldn't it be great if my blog became a hit movie like Julie & Julia? Julie writes a blog everyday about cooking and all of a sudden it's a major movie with cast members winning Golden Globes and stuff...but then again it's Merryl Streep. Maybe I can get her to play 'me' and we'll win an Oscar. She can make these blogs really shine (or is it my superb writing skills?).

Maybe I can get Sandra Bullock to play 'me' in a film about my you think she'd cut and dye her hair for my part too? Anyway, just dreaming big again. I do that sometimes...dream big. That maybe one day I'll be in some episodes of Glee, hanging out with my best friend Chris Colfer (Kurt), and become a regular at the award shows so I can meet Drew Barrymore and Will Ferrell. Speaking of Glee, they are doing open casting calls, but apparently the age range is 16-26, so it's doubly unlucky for me, since I'm 31 and look like a 12 year old boy...I miss the age range on both sides!

I always wonder if some random person who I've never met who lives far awayreads my blogs...wouldn't that be cool, if I started a blog that became read all over the world? I'd probably piss off a lot of people, make a lot of people happy, and maybe do both at once! Even though I'm 31, I'm gonna be big just wait and'll happen! (for some reason I felt like breaking out in song right then!)

So, next time you read my blog or think about something I wrote on my blog, tell a friend...maybe it'll blow up sooner than I expected!


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