Thursday, January 21, 2010

...being TOO nice!

I have sort of a problem, and my GF will confirm, that I am sometimes TOO nice! Now, I say 'problem' because it can be a problem when people start taking advantage of me. And she's very quick to point this out to me! She is very strong and independent and does everything for herself, but really hates the fact that I let people 'use' me. Well, I understand where she's coming from because she's always worked so hard for anything she's ever wanted in this world. I have worked hard too, but sometimes I let people get the better of me and I help them in lots of ways...whether it's money, time, kind words, or something else, I'm a very giving person. Don't get me wrong, I can still be mean if I feel like it, but I usually don't feel like it! I also don't go giving strangers money like the guys on the side of the road...although I did give a lady with 2 dogs some spare change (the story follows below) and I gave a guy with a Broncos hat a dollar!

I'm not sure why I'm like this, but there's always been something inside of me that says to take care of people. I remember when I was younger (early college) I would ask my dad for money. If I asked him for $50 then he'd give me $100...if I asked for $100, he'd give me about $140. He said, "if I need $50, then I might need just a bit more!" So true! He was a wise wise man...a wise wise man! So, I sort of figured if I am in a position to give somebody 'just a bit more' then I will. I'm hoping that one day it'll come back to me 2-fold!

Please understand that my GF is a very VERY giving person...she always thinks of others before herself ( and I love her for that), but she has no problem saying NO! I'm not quite sure how to say that! I am capable of saying, sorry I can't help at this time, but I seem to always find a way! I just hope it comes back around before I'm tapped out!

So the story with the lady with the 2 dogs: One day I had a presentation in one of my classes on certain aromatherapy and massage points on the feet to help you relax. I removed my ring and watch so I could demonstrate the pressure points with the aromatherapy oils without getting them all greasy. I went through the rest of my day at school and went home after classes. Tash and I decided we needed to go buy some essentials at Walmart, so we made a quick trip. When we were leaving the store there was a homeless lady with 2 dogs sitting out front playing music and had something out to collect donations. I used to carry all my change in my pockets back then so I had a handful of coins to give her and we pet the cute cute dogs and went on our way! So, the next morning Tash woke up to me in tears in the bathroom because I couldn't find my ring...the ring she gave me! And then it clicked: I took it off for class, put it in the pocket with the change, and gave it to the homeless lady! SHIT! We spent the whole day driving around looking for that lady and checking out pawn no avail! Very upset and depressed that evening, I returned home from school to find that Tash bought me a new ring that I still wear to this day! She is truly an amazing friend!

So, next time a friend asks you for something, if it's not outrageous, maybe you can find a way to help them!


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