Saturday, January 2, 2010

...flying and landing and flying and landing!

So, yesterday was a really, really, REALLY long travel day. Not to mention only having 3 hours of sleep before getting started, it was a really long day. We woke at 6:30am and was at the airport by 7, waited to check our luggage for 30 minutes and was on the plane by 8am. Then we went UP. Most of you know that I'm not a big fan of flying, but the bar wasn't open (nor did we have time) at the gate. Then I fell asleep on the flight and the flight attendant skipped me for drinks. I fell asleep with a drink coupon in my hand! Well, then we went DOWN. The landing wasn't that some point during the flight they asked the flight attendants to sit down because it was so bumpy...I don't do bumps! So, we had about a 3 hour layover in airport!

Then we went UP. They stopped doing nonstop flights from Albuquerque to Tampa, so it was inevitable that I had to go up twice and down twice...stupid! This time I had to pee because I had 3 beers during our fun time in Houston. Did you know you can walk around the airport with beer? They serve it in a plastic cup and you can walk the terminal like you were in Vegas! All I needed was a poker table and it'd be like home! Anyway, I had to pee real bad and the flight attendant said, "I'm not allowed to give you permission to get up while the seatbelt sign is still on!" So, I thought to myself, "Why do I need permission?" So I got up and went! Then we went DOWN. Not as many bumps this time.

Then we got our rental car after waiting WAY too long for our luggage to reappear! And it was an hour drive to Sarasota where we ended up at 7pm. 12 hours of travelling. Poor Candy got stuck behind large men who would recline their seats so she couldn't sleep well on the plane. So, we both crashed pretty hard in our comfortable home-away-from-home king size bed at the Hotel Indigo! Unfortunately, not a single college team that I picked to win their bowl game won, so whatever! At least we are here and I'm so excited to see everyone and play some Baseball!

So, next time you're taking a long flight, get some sleep the night before so you can enjoy your trip and not sleep through it all!


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