Tuesday, January 26, 2010

...Cute Kids!

I'm not lying when I say my niece and nephew are THE CUTEST KIDS in the world! Okay, maybe it's a bit biased, but if you saw them, you might agree. I've seen lots of cute kids in my days, but these 2 are probably the best you'll find ANYWHERE! Okay, so I'm really REALLY biased, but just when you think they couldn't get any cuter, they do something that melts your heart! My nephew is 6 weeks old and still hasn't hit his "Born On" date, I've seen him twice in person, I've held him once in my arms, and I've seen millions of pictures...and he's beautiful. I know that's such a girly term, but since he's so little I can still say that. He is absolutely gorgeous and looks just like my nephew! Yes, I meant to say that because he looks just like himself...nobody else...he may do things that resemble my brother or others in the fam, but he's himself (his little self). He's got these great big brown eyes...at least they looked brown when he opened one for half a second while I was holding him. He's got a great smile and I'm pretty sure he's very excited to finally be home to meet his sister and his auntie! Okay, and probably the rest of the family too!

My niece is 4 and a half and although has her moments that make you want to punish her for the rest of her life, she does something that makes you want to reward her for the rest of her life. If I knew how to work this blog site, I'd post the cutest video in the world of her holding her knew brother and she says, "He's my bestest brother I've ever had!" He's gazing up into her eyes and she's so lovey-dovey with him that they both win awards for the CUTEST KIDS EVER!!!! And my brother wrote the other day that he caught her cutting her own hair...CUTE! And then he caught her rubbing nail polish remover on her face, just to notice it was because she had nail polish on her face...again CUTE! We've all been that age and have done this stuff before, maybe even worse. Lucky for me, I'm just the auntie who gets to see her on the good days. My poor brother and sister have her everyday and deal with the good and the bad, but I'm pretty sure that when they go to bed every night, they thank the lord for giving them the 2 CUTEST KIDS IN THE WORLD!!!!

So, for all you other kids out there, you may be cute, and do really cute stuff, but you'll never add up to my niece and nephew, who are worlds above everyone!


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