Wednesday, January 27, 2010!

Could you imagine what the store would look like? Like, if it were a store in your town (not on the internet), just down the street from Smith's (which my GF and I absolutely love...and miss), and you actually got to walk in. First off, better than Walmart, which I also love, but hate the lines. Second, it would literally have everything you ever needed and more. It would have all the stuff it normally has, but if they didn't have it, the back alley would open up to all those people that sell their stuff through Amazon. So, really, you could get ANYTHING you've ever wanted.

The ceramic jars you've been dying to have are in aisle 17, the brass napkin rings are in aisle 25, the extra shoelaces with pictures of Spongebob are in aisle 41, the wart remover cream is in aisle 87, the feather free pillows are in aisle 119, the Accounting textbook for class is down the back alley 3rd table on your left, and the human size robot 11th table on your right! All those things and more are offered stop shopping! You could get all those items new or used and the farther "out back" you walk, the cheaper it all gets! You could even sell those things at your own table out back 59th table on the left once you have no use for them anymore!

But then, who wants to do all that walking anyway, so I guess that's why we love the internet! We have aisles 17, 25, 41, 87, and 119 right in front of us and the back alley is a click away! AND, somebody else delivers it all right to your door! Are we getting lazy? Does the store on Wyoming blvd. have mall walkers? Imagine getting a large heavy box of something and having to carry it all the way back down the alley, through the store, and to your car...instant weight loss program! But then again, our fingers get a good workout going type, type, click, click!

So, next time you're on, remember to thank them for making Life so easy!


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