Tuesday, January 12, 2010

...No Response!

In college I was a party girl. One of my good friends and I would literally have plans to go out every night of the week. I'm talking Sundays too! And we would get crazy every night...and by crazy I mean Out Of Control! This style of living could also explain why I only finished that semester with 6 credit hours and probably less than a 2.0! Anyway, we would get all dressed up, go to the bar, dance all night, go to some after hours party, and try to find a ride home sometime the next afternoon! It was a great great time and I had no problem telling people I had plans each night.

Right after college (which as you can imagine took me a bit longer because of my 'habits') I started to calm down just a bit. I worked at a bar, so I could find all the action there and sometimes we still went out. But what changed was my response to people who asked me to go out with them. I'd say "yeah, maybe!" Giving them all the hope that I'd be there, but really knowing that I probably wouldn't go out. Why? Why would I do that? To make things worse I wouldn't answer my phone when they'd call to find out where I was!

Now that I'm older and wiser (HA!) I've come to find the answer to that question: because I was young and immature. It's my life isn't it? Why couldn't I just say, "No, I'm gonna stay in and do nothing in my pajamas." Then the inviting person wouldn't get their feelings hurt when I didn't show up. They wouldn't have to waste their time calling me 4 times and leaving me very disgruntled voicemails! I've also come to dislike people who do that to me now! Just say NO! It's okay, I won't get my feelers hurt, I'm a grown woman (well, older woman). Just be honest with me, because I'll like you a whole lot more if you don't stand me up. I'm learning from my ways!

So, next time you'd rather watch repeats of Saved By The Bell instead of joining some friends for cocktails, just say so!


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