Friday, January 15, 2010


As much as we try not to put things off to the last minute, we all do it. It could be with small things, like not shopping for a party until the morning of. It could be with large things, like waiting to start your homework that was assigned last month until the night before it's due. Some stuff that you may feel you are procrastinating in getting done just may be part of a process, where you can't simply do the last step until you've done the 4 previous steps before's getting that first step done that is the hardest. Why? Why are we like this? For me, it's because there might be something else I'd rather be doing! Normally, there IS something else I'm doing, so what needs to get done just sits and waits for me to decide to finally do it, and that's usually later than it actually needs to get done. That's worse than there a word for that? Late...I guess that word works!

On Monday, my blog was about all the stuff I had to do since I had returned from vacation:

"There is mail covering my desk at the I've got plenty to catch up with here...and I'm sure about half of the stuff is past due or something. It's gonna be a long week! It's been a long week and there is still a lot of mail covering my desk...I've opened it and put it into specific piles, but it's still covering my desk. My car needs a new battery, so I have Candy's car today. Candy surprised me and got me a new car battery, so I have my car today! Please read Wednesday's blog to remind yourselves of how much we love Candy. And I've got bills to pay, but no money to pay them with! School starts next week and I need to get my books. I get paid today, so I can finally pay all my bills and buy my school books. Every article of clothing is dirty and my body is still sore from the long week of baseball. Candy has done ALL the laundry (again, Wed. blog) and all I have to do is put it away. My body has been well rested, so now I can begin going to the gym again. So, my goal this week is to somehow fix all these things, so I feel like I've "caught up". Almost caught up! This is gonna be an interesting year and I hope to be more motivated and inspired throughout. Maybe it's time to officially make my New Year's Resolutions! I've printed out last years resolutions and have yet to edit, add, and delete for this year. Maybe by next week I'll have it ready to go!"

As you can see, if it wasn't for Candy and her non-procrastination ways (see Dec. 18th blog post), I'd still have a long way to go! So, thanks babe! Otherwise, next week you'll probably here me saying how the mail won't stop coming and I can't seem to get my stuff done, except for writing this blog of course...that always seems to be what I'd rather be doing! I'm surprised you don't get like 3 blogs a day from me!

So, the next time...well, I'll wait til next time to discuss this!


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