Friday, January 29, 2010


Water is good! It doesn't taste like anything much, but it's good. It makes other things taste bad a soda can get watered down and it's not all that sugary greatness you had at first. If water gets on your bread or crackers or cookies...not so good. You boil water to cook most things...pasta, soups, hot cereal. You use water to make your grass grow, to clean your body, to wash your car. You can swim in water, have water balloon fights, and it powers your slip-n-slide. Without water, we would miss out on a lot of things.

Well, apparently you're supposed to drink like 8 cups of water a day. Well, as healthy as that may be, I've got bladder issues (I think I take after my mother) and I have to pee ALL the time...I mean, ALL DAY LONG!!! The 8 cups are obviously to help flush out my system and keep me hydrated. It definitely flushes out the system! But my problem is that I forget to drink it. I've got my water bottle all filled up and sitting right here for me to drink out of, but I rarely finish it. It holds 32oz so that's already 4 cups...all I need to do is drink 2 of those and I'm good to go for the's too hard. Maybe if I can substitute a cup of OJ, a glass of wine, a beer, and maybe a soda, then all I have to drink is one water bottle full!

Anyway, I'm gonna try to monitor my water intake the next few weeks and see if 1)I can do all 8 cups, and 2)if it makes me feel any different. Then, all I have to add is working out and I may have the whole system down!!

So, next time you walk past a water fountain, fill up your water jug...either you can drink it, take a bath, or water your grass!


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