Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mini Challenges

It was amazing....The Hunger Games I'm talking about!  It was amazing!  They really did stay true to the book!  Other than leaving a few minor things out and reducing the roles of some individuals (it's a lot harder to develop characters in movies than it is in books), I think they did a great job!  Oh, and the violence wasn't as bad as in the books.  Movies are able to create the "essence" that something really bad happened just by showing blood spatters, but with books you have to describe what exactly is happening so the reader can picture it in their heads.  I think Suzanne Collins should be very happy with the way the movie turned out!  I certainly enjoyed it!  Thanks BFJ!

I also had a softball tourney this weekend and my team was NOT happy when I told them I couldn't make our Sunday afternoon game because "I was going to the movies!"  But, you all know how excited I was about this movie, so obviously I wasn't going to bail on those plans!  Besides the GF would've killed me!  Seriously though, I would have never backed out on plans I'd already made with the GF and BFJ!  The softball team lost anyway...so I'm glad I went to the movies instead!!

So, the story remains the same up until today...and that story is I'm. Still. Sick.  That's right...this stupid head cold will NOT go away!  I'm gonna try running tomorrow after a full 7 days rest, so hopefully my feet and legs will remember what to do!  Doing anything more than 3 or 4 miles would just be ridiculous, but I'd really like to get in a good long run this weekend, so I'm gonna need some good runs during the next few days.  Luckily it's still amazing weather outside, so I'll get to run some trails this week!!  I'm normally fine while I run, it's the coughing attack after my run that I'm not looking forward to!  I'll keep you posted!

I've decided that I'm gonna start doing some personal mini challenges.  Little things like running streaks and push-ups or sit-ups challenges.  Maybe cross training or weight lifting options, or maybe even food challenges.  Since I'm very very religious, and I've given up soda for Lent, it's given me a reason to believe that I'm also very very disciplined!  Actually I'm not very disciplined, so I'm thinking these little challenges might help me.  At least help me feel good about myself while taking on a challenge...and who doesn't love a good challenge?

Have any ideas for a good challenge?

Do you run when you're sick?


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  1. I did a "holiday" running streak (Thanksgiving to New Years) in 2011 and it entirely changed my perspective about running. I loved it!

    Whatever you do, I'll be looking forward to reading about it. :)