Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Pics from the Weekend

We had a pretty fun trip to Phoenix this past weekend.  We hung out with some friends, went to some baseball games, went to some softball games, drank lots of beer, ate lots of food, went for a 15K run, and just had a nice time.  Here are some pictures from the weekend!

This pic is kinda dark, but we went to the Tilted Kilt for my pre-race meal.
The waitresses were REAL nice!
The Fountain!  It goes off every hour, on the hour, for 15 minutes!

The Team winners won their weight in Beer!  Those are cases of Kilt Lifter stacked toward the back, and they weighed them on that teeter-totter looking thing!

The teeter-totter!
This poor guy forgot to apply band-aids before the race started!

This guy felt it was necessary to sun bathe after the race in his compression shorts.
Thanks, but no thanks!

Albert Poopholes at the Angels v. Dodgers game (3/12).
Dodgers win 9 to 1 or something like that!  Woohoo!  Go Dodgers!

Went to dinner at Kabuki for some sushi.  It was at a place called The District with loads of restaurants.

There was this really cool fireplace waterfall in the middle of The District.

The GF and her boyfriend Trent Oeltjen!  He's Australian...enough said!

Overall, a pretty fabulous weekend!


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