Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Today was that frightful day that most all new teachers have to go through...the class observation day.  My mentor in the department that I teach, came into my class this morning to "observe me".  Naturally, I'm sure most new teachers are a bit nervous when another more seasoned instructor comes in to your class and jots down notes about things you did and most likely didn't do while teaching your class!  Well, not me!  I wasn't really nervous, but I did catch myself looking in her direction way too I was looking for confirmation on things that I was saying.  It's actually a good thing that she was there today, and here's why:
  • She can tell me all those wonderful things that I'm doing right.
  • She can tell me all those horrible things I'm doing wrong.
  • She can give me new ideas on how to motivate my class.
  • She can tell me things that I said, that I don't even know that I said.
  • She can tell me things that I did, that I didn't even know that I did.
And then I can continue, stop, or change everything I'm doing now and it'll just make me a better teacher!  Sounds easy!

I took the day off from running because I am still sick.  This morning I had a nose bleed which hasn't happened in about 20 years!  It was more of a freak thing, but it was still a nose bleed.  So, it seemed like a wonderful excuse to have lunch with the GF!  On my way back to work, I saw 17 cops flying down the other direction on the highway because there was a high speed chase going on!  Tried to look it up on the news channels, but nothing about it yet.  I was scared at first that it was a jail break, because all the cops were heading toward the jail area, but luckily it wasn't that!

A while back I posted on here about buying new clothes to fit my body comfortably, because I probably wasn't going to be losing any weight any time soon, so I was just accepting the fact that I needed bigger britches and I could still drink my beer.  Well, I'm still drinking beer, but I've lost some weight over the last couple months and now all those clothes are starting to feel too big for me.  That's great and all, but I really like these new jeans and pants I have and they are far from being worn out, so I am now going to accept the fact that it might look like I'm swimming in my clothes for a while, until it's really crucial I need to buy new stuff...I mean I don't really have money to buy new stuff anyway, so I guess it works itself out.

I did try to pawn off some clothes on my brother though, but he's a lot taller than me and I don't want him to look like a circus clown!  We'll have a clothing exchange party and try on each others clothes!  I have lots of stuff to give away.  The GF will probably be excited to see me get rid of lots of stuff.  We just gave about 4 bags full of clothes to Goodwill and the closet is still full of my crap!!  I never wear it all, but it's so hard to make that final decision that I'll never wear it ever again!  I need to learn how to make large quilts, so I can just sew all my old stuff together to keep the memories instead of taking up room in the closet!

What do you do with all your old clothes?


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  1. When i lost a bunch of weight someone on the office asked what I was doing with my old clothes. So I brought them in and it was a fashion feeding frenzy. Kind of weird seeing your clothes on other people! I'm sure the observation went well!