Sunday, March 4, 2012

Running, Musicals, and Beer

My Running Habit
I just got done running 8 miles and I feel great.  We waited to go until around noon because the GF slept in all morning and I had to grade papers.  The sun was shining, there was a small breeze, and everything seemed to be going our way.  I was able to eat some breakfast before running, so I was fueled pretty well (plus GU of course).  The GF probably could have fueled herself better, but she ended up running 6 miles, which is just amazing.  She just amazes me every day!  Anyway, the run felt great.  My pace stayed consistent and I finished strong, and I think I even negative split the second half!  I feel so good going into this week, and I'm really looking forward to my race next weekend.

I have signed up for the Mountain to Fountain 15K in Arizona next weekend.  We're heading out there for Spring Training, and I have 9 miles on my plan, so this race fit right in!  And then when we return home, the next weekend I have the Shamrock Shuffle 10-miler!  I'm right on pace for training for my April 21st halfer.  I'm really enjoying running lately.  I've almost ALMOST used it as an excuse to not go to lunch...but not yet!  I also don't feel as guilty taking rest days, because I'm putting in so many weekly miles already.  I love this shit!

Musical Maniacs
Last night the GF and I went to see Young Frankenstein!  If it ever comes to your town, I suggest you go see was seriously one of the best musicals we've seen in a long time.  Hilarious script and songs and the actors were amazing!  The GF left the show very excited and jealous of the people who got to go see the show today.  If I said "let's go to the 7:30 show tonight" I bet she'd say YES!  But, she's working on a school project!  And we still have 3 just as amazing shows to look forward to for the rest of this Theatre season: Mary Poppins, Les Miserables, and The Lion King!

Beer Guzzler
So, the GF and I always put ourselves into the shoes of the Biggest Loser contestants and pretend like we're on the show and try to determine what we'd do in their situations.  Today we discussed what would be our temptation food.  Her's would be Samoa Girl Scout Cookies and Cookie Dough.  I kept trying to think of what mine would be...I said "cheese, or chips, or candy" and the GF kept giving me this look like "No way, what are you thinking?"  And then she said it, "you would look great in leather pants your temptation would be beer!"  And I knew she was weakness...when Allison drags us into the temptation room, you're gonna smell all this great junk food and then see a table full of Miller High Life*!

How was your long run this weekend?

Seen any good shows/movies lately?

What's your favorite kind of Beer?

*or Bud Light, or Tecate, or Land Shark, or...take your pick!


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