Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Wramblings

The last 3 days have been INSANE at work, so I apologize for not writing to you all (especially BFJ because she's traveling and probably wants to know what's happening in my life).  I also just got in my first run since Sunday, so that's another reason I haven't written either.  But, even with 2 days off I had a pretty kick ass 5 mile run today!  What's so great about this month is that basketball is going to be on tv nonstop and it's so easy to run on the treadmill while watching basketball.  I get so caught up in the crazy action that I forget I've just run 5 miles!  Good stuff!

Like I said, work has been crazy.  I have been going nonstop every minute (and extra minute) I've been here.  Monday I worked til 7pm, Tuesday I came in at 7am, and today I'm still here and it's after 5!  Things have been outrageous.  We're switching some stuff over to a new system and I didn't realize it was going to take as much time as it's been taking, so I'm just overwhelmed right now.  And what totally sucks is the bossman is out of town and I can't even slack off this time because not only am I swamped, but I leave town on Friday and will be out of the office 2 days next week.  CRAZY!

Enough about that...I've got a 15K on Sunday in Fountain, Arizona. 

I'm so so so excited for this race because it's a distance I've never done before in a place I've never been before on a course I've never run before!  How exciting is that?  An automatic PR is coming!  Earlier this week I was a little scared because right after I registered for the race I received 2 different emails saying I was "running out of time to sign up and it was going to sell out".  I had to email the race director to make sure I was signed up...I am, so no worries!  And the weather in Phoenix is so much better than the Burque...running outside in shorts and a t-shirt is exactly what I want to be doing this weekend!

The GF has two big projects and an exam due between tonight and tomorrow at 3:15.  Now although I'm sure she's ready for her test tomorrow, she'll probably read a whole bunch of stuff to study for that tonight, and she's wants nothing but to turn in her project tomorrow and put all that group stuff behind her, but the big moment is happening right now as we speak (or I write and you read)!  The project we've been working on for the last week now was finally presented to her class and I can't wait to hear how it went!  I got to spray paint and line little coffins for her!  Sounds a little creepy right?  Well, it was for a Vampire book presentation! 

Wait til you see the one I did!!!
She did so good on the project and I was excited to help her although I did most of it in a dead haze on Monday night after a long day of work!  I'll let you know the details when I find out!

My class took their 2nd exam this morning and I'm really at a loss for words right now.  I tried to make it sooooo much easier for them this go round.  I took 2 questions off the exam, I made the questions pretty easy, I gave them a (not so)hypothetical example right before the test, and I designed the questions after problems we've been working on for the last 3 weeks, and I think I just confused them more.  Don't ask me how...but I did it!  I pretty much do everything, but give them the answers and they still can't find them!  I'm still positive they did better than the first exam, but now I have to revamp part 3 of my class so we can avoid this situation again!  This teaching thing is a whole lot of fun, but sometimes I wish I could shake the students and scream "WAKE UP!  WAKE THE F*!& UP!"

WOW!  I apologize for that!  But thanks for letting me get it out!  I had an amazing trip to Costco today!  I went outside the box and bought stuff I've never bought before.  It's for our office...I literally get to go shopping and buy any kind of food or drink we want to stock our fridge and pantry!  I got fruits, snacks, fruit snacks, and lots of drinks, and lots of suprisingly healthy-ish stuff (more than normal).  We couldn't stop walking into the kitchen this afternoon to try everything.  Only disappointing thing (other than no cherries for the GF) was there were only 3 people handing out samples, so all I had was a corn dog, a slice of spinach and cheese ravioli, and a pomegranite healthy bones drink...boring and starving!

Thanks for letting me ramble!


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