Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Numb's the Word

I took my new shoes for a 4.5 mile run today on the Mill!
Remember these pretty babies??!!!
At first I had that weird feeling like all my toes were numb and it was hard to run, then the shoes felt like I was wearing a shoe glove...Perfect!  I'm so glad I was able to get these shoes.  I'm also attempting to track the mileage in them, so I don't over wear them!  Now that I've been running a lot more I don't want my shoes to be the reason that I get injured.  Let's keep that up to my clumsiness!

Anywhoo, the beginning of my run felt slow and labored.  I could tell my legs were coming off of a really long run and I could tell my body still hasn't officially said "goodbye" to this head cold.  Once I got to mile 2, the next few miles felt really good, but once I got past 4 miles, my legs said "that's enough", so I finished at 4.5 and called it a day!  Now that I'm back at the office, I'm glad I quit when I did because they're already tightening up.  Maybe I should take some Ibu...my favorite medicine for practically everything!  A large (500 tablet) bottle sits on my desk all day!

I finally sat down and did my taxes.  It's been a long time coming.  You always think it's gonna take forever, but it really didn't take a tremendous amount of time.  I started them on Friday, got some questions answered by Sunday, and finished them yesterday.  I feel good that they are finally done!  And for the first time ever I actually e-filed them.  I'm old school, so I prefer to do my taxes by hand.  I don't like when computer programs ask for all my personal information.  So, I still prepared them by hand and then entered everything into the computer, and we came to the same amounts for every column, so I was satisfied that I could send them in electronically!  So proud of me!

I think I got the GF excited to maybe do a Ragnar someday!  XLMIC at Taking It On posted a blog about Nuun taking applications/audition tapes for a spot on one of their 3 Hood to Coast Relay teams.  They are putting together 3 all women, all blogger relay teams for the HTC race in August.  Sounds fun!  Anywho, as I was looking at the websites about this race, the GF came over and got excited because she'd never heard about something like this.  So, maybe a relay is in our future!

Have you ever done a large relay like HTC or Ragnar?  How was it?

Have you filed YOUR taxes yet?  Due date is April 17th!


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  1. I'm doing HTC and Ragnar this year. I haven't done a relay before, but I am super excited!