Friday, March 2, 2012

Who Wants New Shoes?

Hey everyone, back in October I bought these new shoes and posted all about them!
They are the Brooks Men's Pureflow shoes.  I was really really really excited about them, because not only were they bright neon green, but they were light as a feather and I was so excited to be getting new shoes.  Well, since then, I've worn them 3 times!  I tried running in them and they are just too tight through my arch and they sort of hurt after three miles, which is why I only tried running in them twice.  The third time was my attempt at matching them to an outfit!

Anywho, I'm looking to sell them for half price (remember only worn 3 times)!  If I can't find any takers then I may end up taking scissors to the middle strap and cutting it out and seeing if that'll loosen up around my arch.  I'd much rather keep them intact and make someone very happy with new half price slightly used running shoes!  So, if you or someone you know (please forward this on) would like some almost new shoes, please have them contact me.  They are a Men's size 9 (I heard that "she's got big ass feet" chuckle)!

If I end up selling these shoes to someone and you had credit for sending them my direction, you will be rewarded very nicely!  Think along the lines of a lifetime small supply of your favorite running fuel: GU, Chomps, Sports Beans, etc. and maybe something else I can afford on a part-time teachers salary!

Thanks in advance to the lucky buyer!



  1. I have baby feet, so I can't help you out, but why don't you put them on ebay? I've had great luck selling things online!

  2. Sorry the shoes aren't working for you....they are my newest love! My track running son would love them, but he's much larger. Good luck selling them! (ebay? Craigslist?)