Saturday, March 31, 2012

Decisions, Decisions!

Do you have problems making decisions?  The GF and I can never make a decision.  What do you want for dinner?  And we go around and around until we go to our default restaurant.  Where do you want to go for lunch?  Same thing!  What do you want to watch?  Again, we go round and round til one of us just turns something on.  I'm not sure what the problem is, but neither one of us wants to ever make the ultimate end-all decision.  It's not that we don't like what the other might choose, it's more like we really don't care, but we don't want to be responsible for the final decision.  We're really good at saying what we DON'T want, which sort of narrows down our decisions, but then we fall into the trap of still having to make that dreaded decision.  Now that I've confused you all, I'm gonna take all the blame!  I think it's all my fault!

On my run today, my only goal was to run at least 6 miles.  It didn't need to be fast or slow and I wasn't really tied to any certain path or trail, although I did go to my normal bike path that I enjoy running on, which includes the dirt trail I like so much too!  Anywho, no boundaries today!  The weather was awesome, somewhere near 70 degrees, I had my water belt, some GU, my Garmin, and my thoughts.  I set off.  I thought to myself, "Self, if you run 4 miles out then you have to run 4 miles back."  That would put me at 8 miles for the day and then I would reassess once I got back to the car if I wanted to do more.  At mile 3 I said, "Self, I'm not positive you can make it to 8 miles today...maybe you should turn around at 3.5."  That would put me at 7 miles, and I had to get back to my car.  I was slowly approaching 3.5 and I couldn't decide what to do...I had waited to make the ultimate decision until I got there that I got all flustered and just turned around.  If I was still moving when I hit 7 miles, then I'd decide if I wanted to do more!

So, I'm headed back to the car and the miles are ticking by on my Garmin and once I got to mile 5 I just couldn't go anymore!  I was really tired, my legs just wanted a break.  So I walked for a couple minutes.  I knew I needed to finish 2 more miles so I could get back to the car, so I adopted a run/walk regime to bring it home!  I finished off the last 2 miles and although my final time wasn't the best, it also wasn't the worst, so I was satisfied.  The best decision I'd made all day was to stop at 7...AND the water fountain where I parked was working! never works!  After so many sick days (I call them sick days instead of rest days, so I don't feel like I'm not running cause I'm a slacker), anyway, after so many sick days I'll take 7 miles!  I have 3 weeks til my Halfer, so I think I can get back into the groove just in time.

I'm also considering running a Halfer 2 weeks after this one in 3 weeks...don't know yet.  We'll see where these next 3 weeks takes me.  This will be the first half since I've been getting faster and losing weight.  So, I'm really looking forward to this race!

Do you have a problem making decisions?

Are you a Mega Millionaire?  I'm not...didn't even match the mega ball number on ANY of my picks!

How was your run today?



  1. I am pretty wishy washy, but hubs is too so I usually end up making the decisions so that a decision is made! We didn't win, our best was 2 numbers. I haven't run yet today, I am running after work, it will be my first time doing 800's.

  2. I always have the back and forth internal debate about whether I should keep running or stop. If I really feel like stopping but know I shouldn't, I'll try to talk myself into 5 more minutes and then re-assess. I can sometimes trick myself into pushing it out for another mile or two by re-assessing every five minutes. Haha, I am easily swayed though.