Friday, March 9, 2012

Wheels on the Bus...

So, we're chillin at the airport getting ready to board our flight to Phoenix to go visit warmer weather.  I've been getting these text updates all day about our flight being delayed.  First they said we were delayed for an hour and twenty minutes, then they came back and said it was only a 15 minute delay and then they said it was more like a 45 minute delay.  So who knows.  We were planning on getting here early anyway to eat dinner.  Now we are stuffed pigs sitting and waiting for our delayed flight.  No matter what time we finally get there, I'm gonna be so excited that at midnight in Phoenix, it's still warmer weather than at 3pm today in Albuquerque!

Speaking of Albuquerque, some dumb ass stole a school bus today and went on a high speed chase Eastbound on I-40.  They had to put spikes out and ended up having to shoot him to stop the bus.  The highway was closed for 7 hours.  First of all, only in New Mexico does some idiot steal a bright yellow big as shit school bus (no kids on it) and try to get away from the cops.  If you're planning on running from the cops, why not choose something smaller, more manageable, possibly able to mix in with other cars or hide quickly behind large trees!  NO, this guy had to go all out!  Second of all, I didn't know what happened until this afternoon, so I wasn't necessarily affected by it.  But in hindsight, I couldn't figure out why my main route to work was so backed up this morning.  My normal 20 minute drive took me 40 minutes.  It was crazy this morning!  The whole reason I don't drive on I-40 is so I can stay away from these crazy drivers, but luckily for me, they were all re-routed off the highway and brought around to my road!  Thanks crazy bus stealing moron!

So, remember the other day when I posted about needing to sell my shoes?  Well, I went into the store that I bought them from and told the guy I only wore them 3 times and was looking to sell them.  He said, "bring them back in and we'll get you a new shoe".  How friggin cool is that?  Already worn and no receipt!  So today I boxed them up and returned them to the store and got this sweet pair of shoes:
I already did a couple mile in them today, AND the lucky bastards are already taking a scenic flight to Phoenix!  No, don't worry, I'm not gonna race in them on Sunday, but I am gonna wear those things around and show them off because they are so pretty.  Can I let you in on a little secret though?  These are the exact same shoes that I already run in, just a NEW color!  So, it's sort of perfect now isn't it.

My lower back and hip have been hurting the last couple of days so I limited my run to just 2 miles and probably do the same tomorrow since my race is Sunday morning and I don't want to kill myself before I've even toed the start line (like I'd ever be that close to the front of a race).  I think it's from picking up dog poop and cleaning the litter boxes...a lot of bending at the waist.

Anywho, packet pick up tomorrow and lots of baseball watching to do.  I'll get back to you all soon about my pre-race prep.

Any big races in store for you this weekend?


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  1. Good luck and have fun! I can't wait to hear how it goes! Love the new shoes!
    No races this weekend, just recouping and trying to get ready for my race on the 24th.