Friday, March 23, 2012

Most Important Election Ever

I'm not quite sure how this happened, but I was nominated for having the best running blog by Fitness magazine.  You can go vote for me here!

So, I suggest you click on that link right away and go Vote.  You can also vote for all your other favorite running blogs...there's even links to go vote for healthy living blogs, or inspirational blogs, or eating blogs.  But while you're there, you can vote for mine too.  I'm sure I won't win since I only have one vote so far, and a few of MY favorite blogs I've already voted for!  But it's kinda cool that someone out there nominated me!


I know how this happened:
Someone finally realized that I'm kind of a big deal on my blog!

It's nice that this happened on a day that's smack dab in the middle of a week where I haven't really posted much about running!  I promise to really attack this running blogging even bigger and better maybe the size of my head now once I'm done being sick!  Maybe I'll even start giving some running advice that I really don't advise following!  Or health tips on how not to fuel your body before and after races.  And maybe I'll start bloggin on the weekends!  It looks like I've got a lot of work to do! 

So, thank you!  Thanks to the kind person out there who nominated my blog!  I just wanted to make my granny happy and run in her honor and look at me now: I became a runner and a running blogger!

If you're still reading this, please stop and go vote!


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