Thursday, April 26, 2012

Celebrate the Heat

Last night I spent some time grading final exams!

And then celebrated an end to my first semester of teaching!

I love this job!

When we went to bed last night, it was hot as hell quite warm upstairs.

These record setting high temps aren't so good around bedtime.  The GF just complains about how hot it is and it's time for the A/C and the fan and no covers and no clothes.  And then she thinks it's weird when I still pull the comforter up to my neck.  I get a little cold sometimes regardless of the temp.  But we already knew I was weird!

I'm extremely tired today though.  I didn't wanna get out of bed, I didn't wanna come to work, I don't wanna be working.  Oh well, I'll get to sleep tonight, after I work out, finish grading final exams and posting grades, and watch about 15 tv shows!

How hot or cold do you keep your house?  We're a different kind of breed at my house.  Open windows and turn on fans if it's too hot, pull out the blankets if it's too cold!



  1. holy crap.

    That's HELL like hot for a home.
    At least you were covered in the beverage department. ;)

  2. Final exams...don't miss those one bit!
    88 for sleep? Impossible. Yikes.