Saturday, April 14, 2012

Remember the Titans

I'm pretty sure our house has relocated on the block today.  It's so windy here today, I'm pretty sure our house has lifted up, spun around, and landed some place new.  We wouldn't know it though because the sand and dirt are blowing around so bad, we can't see past our back wall.  It's quite possible the rest of the city blew away too cause we can't see that either!  Normally it's a very nice veiw into the city...normally!  Today's not normal.  Even the weather gods have warned the midwest that life-threatening storms are on their way.  Get to safety people, this storm is NOT messing around.
Last night was the first Isotopes game and it was so nice for them to be back!  I love the atmosphere, I love the game, and I especially love when they win!  Unfortunately, this year they decided it'd be a good idea to have a donut place set up right behind the section we sit in!  Not a good idea.  We could smell them throughout the entire game, and everyone around us kept buying them, so we just decided that they pobably tasted like heaven crap!  Problem solved...until we show up tonight!  Maybe the wind will blow them all away...if the stadium is still there of course!

I ran 10 miles seems to be my limit when training for my half marathons.  Now I pretend to taper all week before my race on Saturday!  I did all 10 miles on the Mill while I watched Remember the Titans.  I obviously wasn't going to battle the high winds and cold.  I stopped after mile 9, but the movie was all about "go out there and be perfect and do your best and stuff" so I finished out that last mile in Titans style!  Very motivating that Denzel!

Yesterday was a big day in the Barton household!  I signed up for the Run for the Zoo half marathon, which means I will be running a half next weekend and then running another one just two weeks later.  It's crazy talk, but I'm really enjoying running lately!  But in MORE IMPORTANT news: The GF is not only running the Run for the Zoo 5K (possibly the 10K), she's all signed up for the San Diego Half Marathon!  We discussed it and decided that since she's gonna be there with me anyway, and can be up to around 8 miles by then, she might as well do the race.  She's not gonna focus on anything past the 8 miles, and she'll have a huge jumping off point for our end of year races!  I'm really excited for her!

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?

How was your run today?



  1. The weather has been crazy wet and cold here! Brrr!! My run was amazing! I'm supposed to do 10x800's tomorrow, but not sure if it will end up happening, oh well, not too worried. Sorry it's been so crazy nasty windy there, that sucks! I'm sure those donuts sucked, way to avoid them! And yay for you and the GF both signing up for more races!

  2. Geez, those clouds look ominous! I hope there was no damage!

  3. Oh gosh it's been super windy here too. With heat one minute, freezing the next, then a t-storm or 6 thrown in for spice. Can't wait to hear how your half went!