Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Why's

Why do I feel like it's okay to skip workouts before a half marathon?  Because it's taper week!

Why can't I get motivated to do anything at work lately?  Because I'd rather be teaching!

Why am I stressed out about teaching?  Because students who are failing don't seem to care that they're failing.  Still wondering why they come to class everyday!

Why do I not wanna grade any papers until it's like the night before I have class again?  Because I'd rather be watching tv!

Why do I keep farting?  Because the GF keeps making yummy egg salad sandwiches!

Why do I have all this dog hair on my clothes?  Because my cute pups give me hugs every morning while I'm getting ready for work!

Why do I feel like a dumbass today?  Because we've been planning this trip, and I messed up all the dates (could quite possibly ruin our whole trip)!

Why am I just a little sad today?  Because the GF can't come to my race on Saturday.

Why am I only a little sad about it?  Because she's about ready to hit a major milestone in her weight loss journey...25 pounds lost!  Hitting that number is worth her missing my race.  I'm even considering missing my race!

Why is this my last 'why'?  Because I'm going to the baseball game!  Woohoo!

What's your 'Why'?


1 comment:

  1. I hear you on the "would rather be teaching" bit...

    And good luck at your race!