Monday, April 2, 2012

Everything I Wanted, Nothing I Needed

Yesterday was a mostly productive day, but unfortunately I only got done everything I wanted to get done, and nothing I needed to get done!  Now, don't get me out litter boxes and doing laundry needed to get done, but it wasn't as important as other stuff that REALLY NEEDED to get done!  Here's my day:
1. Organize dishes to be done (the GF actually did them)
2. Pick up dog poop
3. Clean out litter boxes
4. Put away clean clothes
5. Do more laundry (ended up being 5 loads)
6. Clean fish tank
7. Quick run around the neighborhood
8. Drink beer
9. Watch tv
10. Watch more tv

Numbers 1 through 6 were done by 1pm!  Here's what I NEEDED to do yesterday:
1. Go in to the office and work for about 4 to 5 hours
2. Grade papers
3. Work through class review
4. Make up test for class on Wednesday
5. Begin the new chapter

Most everything had to do with class this morning.  Class started at 8am, so I didn't have much time to finish stuff up this morning!  Should've done it yesterday.  But the biggest thing of all was number 1...I really REALLY R-E-A-L-L-Y needed to go to work yesterday because I'm so far behind and I'm not sure I can finish everything up today!  Oops!  It's just that getting in my car, driving to the office, and working for 4 hours didn't sound like a good time yesterday!  I'll pay for it today, for sure!

As for my run yesterday, it sucked!  I thought I was going at a pretty good pace for the first mile and when the Garmin beeped 1 mile, I looked down and it showed an 11-something pace...WHAT THE?  I guess the whole 2nd half of the mile was uphill, but I've usually done well on that route!  The whole 2nd mile was uphill too...another 11+ mile, the 3rd was all downhill, so I cut off a ton of time there, but it was a very slow 3 miles!  Luckily I didn't have to go any further!  It really makes my 7 miles on Saturday look like the best run ever!

Hopefully today's run will go much'll be on the mill after work, so we'll see!

Did you have a productive weekend?

Did it involve anything you needed to get done?


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  1. Blah. I feel ya on the laundry. I'm still working on that. I too am much better with getting stuff I want done than stuff I NEED to do. Hope you catch up soon!