Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What a Beautiful Day - Chris Cagle

Beautiful day today calls for a run outside!  When I got to work this morning it was 46 degrees in the office.  Someone (read: the lady upstairs) left the air on all night because I'm pretty sure she hates us wanted to freeze us out!  So I've been sitting at my desk blowing warm air into my hands all morning.  My fingers don't work so well when they're cold (TWSS)!

Happy Birthday BFJ!!  Today, my great friend J turns 30!  She's getting so old!  Just kidding...she's only like 20 or something...just a lil young pup, but we love her to death.  I hope you have a great day.  Maybe I'll see you tonight!

Speaking of tonight, I have my first rec softball game.  My team plays Tuesday nights, so you may hear me mention softball a bit more now for the rest of the summer.  Lucky for me it's J's birthday, because if she goes to my game tonight, it might also be the one and only game that the GF goes to!!  Now if only I can talk my Bro and Seester into going I'll have my own little cheering section to tell me how bad I'm playing.

I'm off to enjoy the nice weather!  Come back later to read about the Top Ten Things I've Learned My First Semester of Teaching!


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  1. I love birthday's!!! Have a blast tonight!!