Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Top Ten

They announced the Nuun Hood to Coast Relay Team this afternoon and my name wasn't on it :(  But it's because I didn't send in an application!  So, totally my fault.  I can't wait to hear how it all goes, and I'm sure I will since I follow the blogs of at least 3 people who got in!  So excited for them, especially Taking It On because she is "too sexy"!

My run was awesome!  I finished 5.8 miles and got to run around a golf course I haven't run around in over 2 years!  The weather was pretty warm, but there were water fountain opportunities at 2 points along my route AND I got to stop and see the GF between her classes!  I'm thinking that the outside runs might help my legs withstand the halfer in 2 weeks.

The Top Ten Things I've Learned My First Semester of Teaching!

10. Only the A students will do the extra credit!

9. When you give students many opportunities to turn in their assignments,
they still won't do it!

8. If a student tells you they "forgot" to turn in their homework,
it means they didn't do it.  SOOOO, you need to offer them the chance
to turn it in by noon, and they'll come up with every excuse in the
book why they can't make it in to drop it off!  Pretty funny!

7.  If a student says you're "legit", it means you know what you're
talking about!

6.  Students will laugh at your jokes, even if they're not funny...luckily I'm a riot!

5. Some students will just never learn how to round numbers properly!
Very frustrating in a Math class!

4. I'm not a big fan of grading papers, but I think the students
appreciate the timely feedback.

3. You can always fix things throughout the semester to meet the needs
of your students, and they will never know that you messed anything up!

2. If your students annoy you, you will always have a new group
to annoy you next semester!


What do you love about your job?  My real job isn't as cool as teaching!

Did you make the Nuun team?  Nope, did not submit.

Want to run a Relay with me?  I'm loads of fun!



  1. Hmmm... my job. Things I love... Nope coming up empty. Ok, I do have some really good friends there. But I also bit off too separate heads today.

    Didn't apply for the Nuun team - I'm running H2C on my company's team. See above re: good friends.

  2. I would totally run a relay with you!