Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Slogging and Softball

New Ideas

Yesterday at lunch, the newly nicknamed HFJ (just kidding J!) gave me the best idea.  Let me set it up for you first before I tell you what it is.  So, yesterday I blogged in the morning, so the GF and BFJ had not seen it by the time we all went to lunch (more on that later).  So, during lunch, I decided to read it to them.  As I was reading it, I noticed that they get to hear the actual inflection and tone in my voice which represents exactly what I was feeling when I wrote it!  BFJ mentioned that she definitely doesn't read my blog posts like I do and suggested I try Slogging!

Slogging is a new term concocted by yours truly and BFJ.  It's not like Vlogging where I would record a video blog.  This is a Speaking Blog wherein I will read you my blog posts, so you can actually hear how I'm feeling at the time.  So, it'll be like I'm actually telling you a story instead of writing it down and you reading it.  Wow, that seemed really hard to explain and it's such a simple concept!  So, I'm gonna look into it and get back to you on that.


Yesterday we had lunch at Dublin's.  It's a new restaurant in downtown Albuquerque and my bro is one of the managers down there.  I keep wanting to call him the owner for some reason, but I'm sure he doesn't want all that responsibility!  Anywho, they've got the best french onion soup, so even though we ate there on Saturday night, I wanted to go back to get more soup!  So far, everything we've ordered has been tremendous!


So, besides having to sit 'almost' next to the most annoying and irritating girl in the whole world yesterday, while she did nothing but talk about herself the whole time, I still enjoyed a great softball game.  The New Mexico State Aggies where playing the University of New Mexico Lobos and by the 3rd inning the Aggies had run away with the game, so we were pretty excited.  Although I am a Lobo through and through, I have a special place in my heart for the Aggies softball team, mainly because their coach is my BFT!

And isn't it funny how someone who blogs about herself everyday is annoyed by someone who talks about herself non-stop?  In my defense, I'm not forcing you wonderful followers to read my words, but I literally felt like she was holding me hostage yesterday with her conceited-ness!  Not that I don't like to talk about myself in other settings, but I hope I'm not force feeding people with my great words!

My 'almost' non-existent workout

I didn't think I was gonna get in a run yesterday.  I slept in, I went to lunch, and after work I went to a softball game.  I was gonna throw in the towel and just get food on the way home instead of working out when I got home.  Luckily there was some crazy ish going on at Taco Bell!  While the GF spent an hour at Taco Bell, I was able to scurry home and get in a quick 3 mile run AND shower before she even got home!  So, I felt good that a non-run turned into 3 miles AND I got to eat cold Taco Bell afterwards...AWESOME!

I hope you all have a great Hump Day!


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