Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Winter and Pictures

Today was a Winter Wonderland here in Albuquerque! 

This was my visibility on my drive to work this morning!
Somewhere in there you can see the back of a truck and
maybe a light pole!  Otherwise, snow...just snow!
It rained all through the night and when I woke up this morning a nice layer of snow had fallen around the town.  The streets, luckily, were too wet for the snow to build up, but it fell until around noon.  Now the sun is out, the skies are blue, and the rest of the week should be in the low 70's!

This afternoon at the park...the last remnants of the snow storm!
 I headed to the gym during the lunch hour and had a really great 4 mile run.  I really wish I would have done at least one more mile, but I was with a co-worker and I wasn't sure if she was done working out yet or what and I didn't want her to wait for me again...so I'm just excited about my 4 miles!  I really need some high mileage these next two weeks, so I gotta maybe drive separate from now on!

I'd like to take a moment to say that it's very very sad that ultra-marathoner Micah True's body was found in the Gila Wilderness here in New Mexico.  I've heard through blogs lately that he was admired and loved and very inspirational.  It's tough to hear another sad story about somebody out doing what they love best, and then being found dead.  Nobody enjoys that kind of information.  BUT I'm here to tell you that New Mexico is still a very beautiful place to visit, run, enjoy, whatever you'd like.  And I pray that this kind of news doesn't hold you back from visiting our lovely state!

In less depressing news, I've got some more great pics for you today!
My two favorite things in life: The GF and Bud Light!
If she had some cheese in her other hand, I'd be in heaven!
Ramsey is on the back porch enjoying the great weather this weekend!
Jersey kept jumping into the window to see what all the ruckus was!
She was peeping out between the blinds!

 Easter is on Sunday, so I'll get to start drinking soda again!  I've been thinking of giving up something for the month of April.  I should get on that since it's the 3rd already!  Candy...I'm giving up candy!  Just decided...literally as I wrote that last sentence.  Not the GF kind, but actually candy.  And just so you know, Otter Pops and Doublemint Gum are not candy!  Here we go!

What's your favorite kind of candy?  I love skittles, sour candies, jolly ranchers, mike & ikes, sugar babies, and a host of other stuff!



  1. Snow in Albuquerque in April is NUTS! My in-laws live there and I've spent many Easters there for the past 27 years and I've never seen snow. Of course, we had it here in Denver too ... but that's not uncommon.