Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Free-For-All

Week in Workouts
This week has been a great training week.  I did 6 miles on Monday that felt awesome.  I did 3 miles on Tuesday when I didn't even think I was gonna get to workout.  I did 5 miles of speedwork on Wednesday that totally kicked my butt.  And yesterday I ran 5 miles with increasing speed (or negative splits) over each mile (and felt amazing the whole time).  Not sure what today is going to bring, but there's a long run on tap for tomorrow and I'm feeling pretty good about it!

I've been having some interesting left calf pain and a random right upper hammy issues lately.  I seem to only be sore when I'm done working out, a bit tight throughout the rest of the day, but then good to go for my next run.  I'm trying to stretch them out a bit ('any' stretching is more than my normal 'no' stretching) and the GF has used the dough roller and a tennis ball to break up some tension.  Other than that randomness, I'm feeling great.  Which is good news being just a week out from my next halfer!

Speaking of my next halfer, I will be running in the Albuquerque Half Marathon here in town.
I'm not necessarily going for a PR in this race, but it IS my first half in my hometown.  So, I'm pretty excited about it.  I have a couple friends that will be running this race too, so it'll be nice to see some friendly faces while I'm out there.  the weather is supposed to be really nice next weekend too!  I told my mom about this race and she mentioned possibly going to watch me.  She's never seen me run a race before, so that'd be nice to see her.  Of course the GF will be out to support me as well, although I always feel bad for dragging her along.  Luckily, this course is set up along bike lanes, so cars can still access the roads, so it'll be easier to see me at many different points throughout the race!

Talk of the Town is the Boston Marathon, which is this Monday!  I'm really excited about it because a lot of bloggers I follow will be running, so Good Luck to everyone!  I wish I could be in Boston cheering you on, but that's for another day (in August, hopefully)!  Personal facts about the Boston Marathon:
1. I will never qualify for the Boston Marathon
    a. I will never run a marathon
    b. Even if I ever did run a marathon, it'd never be fast enough to qualify anyway.
2. I will never run a marathon
3. If they one day decided to add a Boston Half-Marathon Race
    a. I'd never be fast enough to qualify

My Seester is a sneaky one, I tell ya!  Let's discuss!  Monday morning, a fellow instructor sent an email requesting a sub for her Thursday night classes.  I didn't respond because I was unsure of my schedule at the time.  After perusing my calendar and seeing I had no obligations, I decided I would email her back on Wednesday and tell her I would sub if she hadn't found anyone yet!  Well, lo and behold, on Tuesday night, my Seester shoots over a text and had she called I'm sure it would have been her nicest, sisterly voice, saying, "So-and-so is a mother of someone at your niece's school...she also teaches accounting with you and is looking for a sub Thursday night...would you be interested?"  My first thought is, "That sneaky little...!"  But luckily for her I was already going to offer up my services the next morning anyway.

And...I'm so glad I did!  Last night I subbed for 2 classes, one of which I'm not even teaching.  Both classes were very nice to me and even made me think that I actually knew what I was talking about!  We had some laughs and some learning.  I'm really glad that I had that opportunity, especially because I got to teach some new information.  I taught at a different campus and I noticed that the kids in her class seem a lot more eager to learn this information than my class does.  Different environments though.  Whatever it is, I'm glad I did it!  Which means my Seester is off the hook!

Yesterday, my boss called me in a panic and said that Daisy, our office dog, had buried his hat and wallet somewhere in the backyard and he couldn't find it before he had to leave for an out of town meeting.  So, it became my job to find them.  Of course I was all dressed up yesterday, so it was pretty interesting digging around in his backyard in my slacks and button up shirt!  Using a shovel, I dug up hole after hole in his backyard.  I found a full box of kleenex, a different hat with stuff in it, another hat that was completely disintigrated, a few socks, some underwear, but nowhere did I find his wallet.  I had searched everywhere.  But this crazy, sneaky, dog is so clever.  She hid the stuff next to some tree, under a pile of dirt, that she re-covered somehow with dry leaves that looked like they had naturally fallen into their resting position!  Nobody would've ever checked there because it didn't even look like there could be dirt underneath.  Anywho, I found his wallet and now we know our dog my be working with the government.

Know any smart dogs?  My pups are pretty amazing too!

Running Boston?  Well, good luck.

What's on tap for your weekend? Long run and Baseball games!


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  1. Not running Boston (definitely not now and probably would never in my life qualify haha)! But planning on spending alot of time outside this weekend since its supposed to be nice and warm around my neck of the woods.

    Make sure you stretch and ice that hammy and calf! I'm injured and it sucks ALOT so take care of those things even though it may seem like a small thing now. Hopefully its nothing, but just in case! :)

    Enjoy your weekend!