Monday, February 15, 2010

...President's Day!

Today is President's Day, but from the looks of it you wouldn't know it! Why? Because I'm at work! That's right, along with the lucky other few of you, I am at work. Some of you who have classes on Monday's are probably in class today too (college, not public schools). So, what the heck does this holiday mean? Is it to honor ALL our President's or just Washington and Lincoln? Who? It obviously doesn't have a major impact on my boss, or we might have this day off. I'm pretty sure the only reason we got Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off was because me and one other in the office are half black. So much for honoring whatever it was that Washington did to make our country recognize today as His Day! No history lesson here, but maybe next year if I actually knew what it was that caused us to recognize President's Day, maybe I can fight harder to have this holiday off. I should have half the month off anyway for Black History Month!

So, to all those schmucks at work or school today...maybe next year!


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