Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crazy Eight's

Well, I'm pretty sure we're going to lunch with the office today, so I decided to go to the gym before work and run. The run went fantastic. I felt really good today, like I could've gone another mile, but if I did I would've been late to work. And then it happened! One of the most courageous things I've ever done! I actually showered at the gym! Crazy, I know, but for the first time in my gym-attending history, I actually showered at the gym. Now, because I'm quite modest and a "first-timer" I'm a little intimidated by all the other veteran shower-takers. For instance, 3 different women around me stripped down to nakedness, wrapped a towel, and headed to the showers. Afterwards, they dried off, walked back, and dropped the towel while they redressed in the locker room. Way too many naked people around me, which is why I've always limited my time in the locker room anyway! For me, I took off my socks and shoes, and along with my bag and towels (still fully dressed) I headed to the showers. Behind closed doors I showered and redressed! And that was that...I'd taken my first shower at the gym!

Today's inspiration is about doing something different in your routine that'll propel you to the next level. That maybe a little change in your ways is good for you. My GF gets really frustrated when she begins to workout because she puts so much hardwork and effort into her workouts and at the end of 2 weeks she feels like she's gotten nowhere and lost zero pounds. It can be frustrating for her, and for me, because we both know how hard she works. Maybe we aren't making the right changes. Maybe we need to add in swimming again or other cross-training. But I guess the lesson is that you need to commit to this change in your plan and stick with it. It'll provide different results than you've been receiving. At this point in my life, just working out is the change that I needed! Everyone's change will be different because we're all on different paths.

So, find that change in you, make it, and be a better person.


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