Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 4

Good evening everyone! Or good morning, based on when you read this. It's been one heck of a weekend. Today was my long run...3 miles...but a long run at that. I've only done 2 miles the last three days, so it makes sense that I add a mile and call it my long run. It was NO FUN! I went about 16 minutes and thought I was gonna roll right off the back of the treadmill! I had to slow it down to walk twice after that, but then about the last 5 minutes I really kicked it in high gear and finished with an ok time for 3 miles. But, since it's not about the time, I'm not gonna post it...I'll write it down somewhere else just for keeping track of my progress! Since I have yet to get a treadmill at my house (although we're looking), I have to create interesting ways and new schedules to get to the gym. Since we've moved, it's a lot farther to drive now (almost inconvenient), so it encompasses more time when you are planning your schedule.

I bought new running shoes today. I'm hoping they're really fast shoes! We always joke at my office that the shoes or the clothes are what make you fast, so I've got to be really careful what I wear! We can't have anything holding me back. If I've done my job and trained properly for this race, then I'm hoping to buy a new pair of running shoes in a few months...ones that I can get into proper shape to run the race in! It always amazes me when I see people at the starting line wearing brand new shoes! Don't they know they're about to go 13.1 miles in them? Anyone heard of blisters? Might as well not wear any shoes at all!

My friend had a birthday today, but last night we celebrated it with her and she made me take a shot of vodka...just straight vodka...who does that? Not me, which is why I only got half a mouthful, almost spit it out, and spent the rest of the night trying to swallow it back. I'm telling you this because I don't recommend waking up early the next morning to go on your long run. Either wait to run til the afternoon, or don't stay out drinking half mouthfuls of vodka before your long runs! I guess I learned my lesson: Stick to beer, it's got lots of carbs!

So, I'm working on the t-shirt idea this week...hopefully we can order them soon!


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