Tuesday, February 16, 2010

...Running Wild!

Who here likes to run? I love it...I don't do it much these days...but I love it! I've run lots of races, some 5K's, some 10K's, and even 2 Half-Marathons. Never really been interested in the full Marathon or Tri-athlons or anything. Wouldn't mind a bike and run, but I don't swim, so that'll stay off the bucket list for sure!! Anywho, maybe it's the weather, but I just can't seem to get myself off the couch. I'm thinking of possibly doing another Half this summer, but that would mean I've got to begin my training NOW! And by 'now' I mean last month!

Really, though, I enjoy running. It relaxes me and I feel so good after I'm done. I'm normally not this lazy when it comes to working out, and I've gained a few pounds from just eating everything, but it's never been to lose the weight...it's been to get moving, to increase my endurance, and to not feel like such a big bag of lazy!

But I sure do enjoy not running. It relaxes me and I feel so good just sitting on the couch eating pizza and drinking beer! I'm normally this lazy, so running should do a body good!

Anywho, I'm thinking of investing in a treadmill, then I can run at home. I don't have to drive across town to get to the gym and back. I can fall off and nobody will see me and laugh. And I can teach the dogs (who am I kidding...just one dog) to run with me! Maybe this is my answer to training for the next Half. I'll look into it!

So, if you see me on the couch, either sit with me and indulge, or tell me to stop being so lazy and train!


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