Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ocean's Eleven

Ocean's Eleven is an all time great movie. One, it has some really great acting and two, it's in Vegas! And who doesn't love Vegas? It's probably one of my most favorite places to be...ever! Although I almost always come back empty handed, I enjoy ever single minute I'm there. Unfortunately, I've enjoyed myself too much a few times that other people I'm with aren't having such a great time. My poor but lovely GF almost divorced me one of the last times we were there because I'd had 6 too many vodka martinis and thought it'd be funny to pass out on her 3 hotels away from the one we were staying in! Lucky for me she loves me as much as she does, but I've spent many moons making it up to her. She's probably fuming just reading this right now!

Anyway, when I'm in Vegas I just feel free! My inspiration today is about feeling free...feeling free to make your own running decisions. Do I go faster? Longer? Shorter? At race pace? Lift weights? Cross train? Take the day off? Whatever the decision, it's yours and yours alone to make. You may be given a plan or a schedule to stick to, but ultimately it's your decision. You are FREE to make that decision...only you can decide. There's few things in life that you are FREE to make your own decision, so you should jump on this opportunity.

Unfortunately for me, today I felt like my head was about to explode, so my decision was to take the day off...and if I'm lucky, I might get back to running by Tuesday at the earliest. That's right...I didn't think it'd be a great idea to try and run when I can barely breathe just sitting here. I'm pretty sure I swalled a cheese grater last night and now it's stuck in my froat. And my nose is doing that thing where each side clogs up at different times and sometimes plugs up my ears at the same time! It festers while I sleep, so tomorrow I'll probably wake up and my head will feel like it's the size of my master bedroom, which only means I won't be able to get out of my room and will have to stay home from work. Why is it that any time I stay home from work I'm sick? Anyway, I'm on rest and I've decided I should wait to run again until I can breathe.

So, wish me well, so I can get back to my journey!!


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