Wednesday, February 24, 2010

7 colors of the rainbow!

So, apparently you're not supposed to work out everyday, so today is my day of rest (God's too). I actually left my workout bag at home, so I wouldn't go running at lunch! I guess that's a good thing if I'm actually disappointed that I can't go for my run. My muscles may actually start to like me again if I give them the day off.

What's sad is that my GF is sicky-poo and one of my dogs is limping pretty bad. I feel bad that I can't be home to take care of Candy because I know how much she hates being sick. I hate that Neko is hurt, but I don't feel so bad because she was the silly pup that jumped out the car window 2 weeks ago. We aren't sure if that's why she's hurt, since it's been two weeks, but still, my poor baby is hurt...Both my babies are hurting. And here I am at work, and I've got class later tonight, so I won't be home to them until around 9pm. Sorry babes!

I officially registered for the race yesterday! It feels so good to have attainable goals in your life. The race is a big one because on the afternoon of June 26th I'll be halfway to drunk AFTER running 13.1 miles! Graduation is another big goal because on May 15th I'll be receiving my Masters degree after two grueling years of classes. A milestone (which is a bit different than a goal) that is drawing near in August is my 5 year anniversary with my GF! It's not a goal when you realize you're gonna be involved with something/someone for the rest of your's a milestone!

So, rest up today, because tomorrow we're right back in it!


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