Saturday, February 27, 2010

10 Pins and More

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I'm getting sick. I woke up with an even scratchier froat then yesterday. But the rest of me still feels okay, for now! So I took advantage of it and decided to run here around the neighborhood. I took Jersey with me, bundled up warm, and set out around the block. It actually felt pretty good, aside from the phlegm buildup, the tiny bit of wind, and the random dog that started chasing Jersey down the street! My froat is still itchy, but I don't feel like it's conquering me, yet!

Do you like bowling? I LOVE it! I'm not very good at it, but I've once bowled a 140 in one game! I was born a bowler (literally, I was practically born AT the bowling alley) and both my parents were amazing bowlers, so you'd think it'd be in my blood, but no, I was not blessed with the "good bowler genes". If I practiced hard enough I could be good, but I just don't have strong enough arms to get that ball to do miraculous stuff! I have yet to test it, but I'm also pretty sure my niece could kick my but in Wii bowling too (she's 4)! Well, bowling is like running to me. It might not be in my genes to run, but if I practice at it, I can be good. If I train properly, I can beat my past 2 half times and feel like this training program actually paid off. Again, it's not about your time, it's about finishing, but my training is getting me into shape to finish. We all gotta start somewhere. If I would've waited another couple months to start this journey, I'd probably be at 4 minutes of running a day.

So keep on truckin'! Don't give up and one day you will be running around the neighborhood too!

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