Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Six Pack

So, today wasn't so bad. I did some speed work on the treadmill with an incline and my feet actually moved pretty fast. Tomorrow might feel better when I don't run so fast! I'm pretty sure my new shoes are way too big for me, but they're so pretty and I can't return them, so I'm just gonna keep wearing them. They don't feel big when I run, but I remember! They're really comfy though and don't feel as heavy as yesterday!

I had a minor injury yesterday. Some random part of my lower thigh/quad right above my knee felt like it was strained. Now I pushed myself hard yesterday, but I didn't think I went overboard. It kept creeping up on me the rest of the day, but I overcame it and it was gone today, so my first sports injury on this journey was a small one. Wait till I trip on my face!

I have a quiz in one of my classes tomorrow and I am not ready for it. I have my study guide all typed up and I've been going over it and over it and over it, but nothing is sinking in. I'm not looking forward to this at all. I don't know what to expect and I feel like nothing more can stay in my head. I only want a B on it (I'm not greedy), but this information is dull, boring, and I'm not a big fan of my professor. All I can think about is that this is my last semester. I just need to put up with this for 10 more class sessions! I can do it...Graduation is my motivation!

Albuquerque weather is really pissing me off these days. Today is so nice out when you're looking out the window, but as soon as you step out there the wind will get you! I hate wind and the cold breeze that comes with it. If only that stupid groundhog wouldn't have seen his stupid shadow we'd be done with this stupid winter! I need sun! While running on the treadmill these last 6 days, I have taken notice of my pale white legs....I need my dark back!

Talk to you tomorrow!


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